Access to the network of members in FWB’s private discord is one of the most substantial benefits of being a part of the DAO. Our community is an interdependent internet ecosystem that spans many time zones. For a lot of folks, seeing the channel directory can feel overwhelming.

Scrolling down a thread in discord or falling down a rabbit hole on a new curiosity feels like taking a walk in a new neighborhood on the internet. Like most cities, FWB has different pockets of cultures & scenes — from fashion, to design, to music, to degen, to mental health, to NFTs, skincare, local food, filmmakers, and so much more. Every channel is its own neighborhood. Let’s talk about how to get around town:

  • At the top right of each channel screen, there is a button to look at “Threads” and “Pinned Messages”.
  • Threads are used to dive in on a topic without cluttering the main channel. They are archived after inactivity.
  • Pinned messages are highlighted by staff and can be a great way to get up to speed on a channel.
  • Check out this guide on Notification settings — you’ll thank us later.
  • Follow these steps to practice safe messaging on Discord, and closing your DMs to users you aren’t friends with to avoid scam and phishing attempts.
  • This beginner’s guide from Discord will also serve you well!

FWB channels have been described as “saloon-style” chat rooms and each has its own regular members. Take a look through the channel names and see what speaks to you, and check back on a regular basis to get involved and learn more.


FWB hosts a regular slate of URL and IRL events. Most of our digital events are hosted via the voice channels in our Discord server, with the occasional event on Zoom or Twitter Spaces.

FWB activates IRL across the globe, through more formalized programming like FWB FEST and decentralized programming through our city keys program. We recommend you add the FWB Events calendar to your Google suite, which will help you keep track of all URL + IRL community events, including the FWB Town Hall that happens once a season.


Our editorial team works on a weekly basis to publish across our two formats: TL;DR and Works in Progress.

TL;DR is a weekly roundup of what went down in the world of FWB, in the Discord and beyond. You can subscribe to TL;DR if you hold more than 5+ FWB. It’s a great way to keep up with FWB if you aren’t a Discord-heavy member.

Works in Progress is an editorial venture to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 for cultural creators and maintainers. The editorial team that works on WIP understands that Web3 is moving fast and changing quickly, and uses this platform to explore stories at this intersection with in-depth reporting. Read through some of the previous Works in Progress articles to learn more about what’s developed over the past couple of years.


Community Products

Our community has begun to ship products to address certain needs of the DAO that we needed to build our own products to find a real solution.

Many of our community built products have been built because of recurring needs of the DAO. Our very first shipped product, Gatekeeper, generates a QR code to be scanned for token gated irl events that can verify wallet holdings. Our team is working on a number of products that will be rolled out in the future, including an app that is currently in beta for 75+ token holders. This will eventually provide a means for connecting with members beyond Discord. For more in depth explanations on our Community Products, head to the community product section of this wiki.


App Benefits

Our very own FWB app has a 'benefits' tab featuring some of the perks of being in the FWB ecosystem, mainly codes and special offers to try other member's products at a discounted rate. If you have a benefit you'd like to be placed in this tab, reach out to membership@fwb.help.