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Inspired by Simon de la Rouvière’s writing on tokenomics and social communities, FWB moved towards a seasonal model in 2021. Years are divided into ‘seasons.’ Initially tied to a traditional quarterly system, FWB’s seasons are now indicative of a change in direction or evolution of the DAO and its goals.

Dividing the year into Seasons provides clear on-ramps and off-ramps for experimentation. The Seasons model allows the community to experiment with various governance mechanisms to reward members' participation. Each season various governance processes and reward mechanics are tested, with some continuing onto the next Season, and others discarded in favor of new processes and mechanics.

The Seasons model allows FWB to rapidly experiment with community mechanics and processes, while mitigating the risk of incurring legacy debt from structural decisions made in the past.

The hope is that Seasons will better engage community members and reward top contributors with additional benefits—the first step towards rewarding active participation and creating a more engaged community.

Season 6: Collective Growth

Season 5: Social Spaces

Season 4: Locally Grown

Season 3: Creative Cooperation

Season 2: Slow New Friends

Season 1: What is a Season?


Season 2 image via @panthermodern

📖 Glossary

This is page contains links to a few crypto glossaries outside of FWB, and an FWB-specific table of of Crypto/Web3 terms.

Basic Crypto/Web3 Terms

These resources are a good place to get started if you're new to crypto and it's terminology.

FWB Glossary

This FWB Glossary is a work in progress, and is a collection of slang overheard in the chat and FWB-specific terms.

AlphaEssentially, "early secret info" or "actionable trading info". For origin of the term, see here.
Co-PilotSee get involved section
FWB.FESTAnnual gathering of FWB folk.
GatekeeperFWB product that allows you to enter IRL events via your Ethereum-based wallet, while holding $FWB.
Member DirectoryAKA the FWB Member Directory. Stay tuned!
WORKS IN PROGRESSFWB’s editorial arm, Check it out here

About this Wiki

Q: Is the information on this wiki up to date?

Yes, the information on this wiki is current and updated on a regular basis.

Q: How do I propose changes to this wiki?

If you come across any errors or information that needs to be updated, you can send a pull request on Github or leave comments, suggestions, or feedback in the Wiki Public Works channel on Discord.

Q: Is the wiki open to non-FWB members?

The FWB Wiki is open to everyone, although some pages link out to token-gated content.

Q: How can I contribute to this wiki?

Right now we are taking feedback for the Wiki in our Discord feedback channel. As the project progresses the need for more contributors to maintain the Wiki may arise and will be discussed in the Wiki Public Works channel.

General Questions

Q: How do I get started on the FWB Discord?

The FWB Discord consists of a number of channels where you can hang out and chat about any of your interests. If you’re new to the Discord, say hello in the #introductions channel and stop by other channels that interest you. Once a month, we host a voice chat for the new member hang where you’ll get an idea of how things work around here. You’ll get a quick Discord 101, learn about the history of FWB, Discord channels, events, and how to get involved. Keep an eye out on the events section on our website to find out when these events will occur.

Q: How do I keep up with everything going on in FWB?

Check out TL;DR, FWB’s weekly roundup of everything that goes down in the Discord. Following us on Instagram and Twitter are a great way to stay in the loop outside of Discord as well.

Q: I want to meet FWB members from my city! How do I do that?

Check out the FWB Events page to see if there are any IRL events in your area or host a meet up in your city by reaching out to members through location based channels on Discord.

Q: Where do I find the FWB founding manifesto?

You can find the manifesto in the wiki here.

Q: How do I become a contributor?

All members have the opportunity to get involved in the DAO by weighing in on existing projects, voting on proposals, and spinning up proposals for the DAO to vote on. If you are interested in contributing further, there are full-time opportunities available here.


Q: Are there other ways to join FWB once accepted?

FWB offers scholarships based on merit, need, and inclusiveness of under-represented communities through different programs, including the Fellowships program. Fellowships applications are currently closed, but will be updated here when a new program is announced.

Q: Are there any recurring membership fees?

The cost of membership to FWB is not a fee. The FWB token is a means of access to a community. You can hold and liquidate FWB tokens at any time. You will continue to be a member as long as you hold the required number of FWB tokens in your wallet.

Q: How do I invite friends to join FWB?

We welcome new members by application. When inviting friends to join FWB, ask that they list you as a referral in the membership application form. If you would like to vouch for them further, share your take on why they would make a great member in the #referrals channel.

Q: Will I lose access to the FWB Discord server if I move my tokens to another wallet?

Yes, you must connect the wallet that holds your FWB tokens to the Collab.Land bot in our Discord. If you no longer see the #wallet-connect channel in the Discord please open a #help ticket so someone on the Membership team can assist you.

Q: If my wallet gets hacked, will I still have access to the FWB Discord server?

Unfortunately, you will not have access to the FWB Discord server unless you have the specified amount of FWB tokens in your wallet.

FWB Token

Q: How do I purchase FWB tokens?

If you are holding ETH in your wallet, you can swap your ETH for FWB tokens here. For a detailed step-by-step guide, please refer to this video.

Q: How do I know if I am purchasing the official FWB token?

The official FWB token is listed as “FWB Pro”. The token address can be found here.

Q: How many tokens do I need to become a member?

To gain access to the FWB Discord, you will need to hold 75 FWB tokens in your Ethereum wallet.

Q: Can I purchase FWB tokens before becoming a member?

We recommend purchasing FWB tokens after you’ve been accepted as a member.

Q: What else can I do with $FWB tokens?

Within the community when exchanging services or items with other members, people often offer to exchange in FWB versus fiat. The value of the token can be used to transact in a number of ways functioning as a currency. Holding FWB can also get you access to certain events and communities looking to have FWB members involved in their initiatives.

Single Tier Membership Transition

The community held a vote in October 2022 to merge the local and global membership into a single tier. This section will address common questions around the transition. If something is not addressed here you can ask a question in the #locals-only channel on Discord, that was opened to discuss the transition.

Q: What will people who hold 5 $FWB still be able to access? And what will they lose access to?

Effective January 15, 2023, existing Local members who continue to hold 5 $FWB would no longer have access to the Discord, digital events, or to the full offerings of the in-development FWB app—but would still be able to use their $FWB to attend local events, and will still have access to a limited selection of FWB content and products. Local members who were already a part of FWB at the time of this proposal passing will be given access to full membership benefits for a 90 day period. This includes access to all Discord channels and events, as well as entry into the FWB app once it’s launched. (Local members who join after this proposal passes will not receive access to this 90 day period.)

Q: How many Local members will this impact?

While there are currently ~1,200 Local members, many of them do not participate on a regular basis. While it's difficult to gauge how many of these members are active at IRL events, Discord data shows that of the 1,300 messages posted on average every day, only ~30 are posted by Local members—meaning that just 2% of posts come from Local members.

Q: What channels can't locals see?

Local members can see approximately 50% of FWB’s channels. Full members have access to a variety of channels including classifieds, creative channels for filmmakers and musicians, learning channels about DAOs, crypto, and social tokens, lifestyle channels including health-and-wellness, music, plants-and-animals, and selfies-and-fits, an NFT category including the most active channel in the entire discord, trading crypto channels, and more.

Q: Why keep the main tier at 75 $FWB? Can we take this opportunity to reimagine what FWB membership looks like? How can we make FWB membership more accessible?

This proposal to move to a singular tier will make it easier for us to further reimagine what FWB membership can be, holistically. Think of this as a first step.

There will also be room to have larger discussions around accessibility initiatives. Community member Alarke Alarke has also proposed a scholarship fund, and discussion has been started around utilizing our Fellowship program to onboard more members.

Q: How will we generate more interest and value for the 75 $FWB membership?

Through the roll-out of the fwb.app, we hope to offer FWB’s first meaningful “Post-Discord” product that brings deeper connection and conversation to the FWB ecosystem. Additionally, we hope that having a dedicated, FWB-owned distribution channel will improve member communications, governance notifications, and more. Additionally, through the levelsetting of FWB membership into one tier, we will be able to experiment with more egalitarian voting structures, such as one member one vote, that should boost economic activity and innovation within the FWB ecosystem.

$FWB Token AccessFull Membership: 75 $FWB
Application requiredNoYes
IRL eventsAttendanceAttendance +1, hosting
Digital EventsRead OnlyYes
Digital Events ArchiveNoHosting
TL;DRRead OnlyYes
FWB AppRead OnlyFull Access: Profiles, Identity, Authorship
Voting on SnapshotYesYes