How FWB Works

FWB functions as many things: a never ending groupchat, a product studio, festival organizer and more. It is an evolving experiment that can take on many forms. At our core, we are a growing social DAO with more than 3,000 members—including artists, builders, and thinkers from across the crypto and cultural sectors. Working across so many utilities, we understand that finding your place within the DAO as a new member can take a bit of time and guidance. Here are our suggestions on how to orient yourself within your first few weeks as a new member of FWB…


Please introduce yourself in #introductions. Friends With Benefits thrives on trust, and we encourage everyone to share their background, specialties and interests to better foster conversations around member's expertise. Many of us change our handles to [FIRST NAME] - @[twitter] to aid this transparency, but it's optional to do so.


The FWB APP is a new playground for the community. It seeks to create a lightweight, engaging experience for FWB community members that connects them to one another beyond Discord. It creates a cohesive member experience by bringing together the different segments of the member journey. It is available to all members who hold 75+ $FWB tokens. You can find an onboarding guide to the app here.


All FWB initiatives are chronicled in the section of our Discord called FWB Public Works. Here you’ll be able to see what’s being actively worked on, get a sense of what the DAO is prioritizing, and offer feedback. Check out #fwb-updates for bi-weekly team updates and view upcoming important dates on our working calendar here.


Once you are plugged into the Discord, you will notice we have a wide array of channels to dive into (read more about our Discord architecture in the Wiki). One of the best ways we suggest to get involved is to explore the channels like you’d explore the neighborhoods in a new city. Browse around for a bit through the channels to find the conversation starters, photos, and topics that speak to you—these channels will become your home within the larger FWB ecosystem. Engage in discussions to meet like-minded folks who are engaged with the same subjects you are. Our Discord ecosystem is diverse, and we suggest taking it slow by approaching it this way rather than feeling the need to stay up to date with every channel.


There are many ways to contribute to FWB. In addition to participating in the Discord and IRL events, members have the opportunity to get involved with the DAO’s governance, weigh in on existing projects, spin up creative proposals for the DAO to vote on, and receive funding for community-approved projects.

Additionally, members and contributors who help steward the DAO’s ongoing initiatives and operations are compensated for their work. Funded opportunities arise in harmony with the group’s needs, and vary based on the DAO’s evolving priorities.

Here are some of the currently available opportunities for FWB members:

Join the core team of full-time and part-time contributors.

FWB’s core team works across product, marketing, partnerships, membership, and strategy to move the DAO forward. When the core team identifies the need for additional roles, job descriptions are posted on the Opportunities page. DAO members who apply for these roles are prioritized for interviews.

We offer competitive salaries for web3, and contributors can opt to be paid in $FWB tokens, USDC, or a combination of both.

Write for TL;DR, our weekly newsletter.

TL;DR is the DAO's community-driven weekly roundup of what went down in the Discord. Anyone is welcome to contribute 1-4 blurbs of approximately 150 words each per month, recapping significant events and/or conversations from one of our many channels (we're also open to folks writing on other topics).

Writers receive $FWB tokens as compensation, splitting a pool of $FWB based on how much they contribute in any given month. No writing experience is necessary. Contact Charles (@cafejerk#6878) if you’d like to start writing for TL;DR.

Help onboard new members.

FWB Membership Co-Pilots respond to posts in the #ask-a-question and #introductions channels, and some join our Host Committee. The Host Committee reviews incoming membership applications. Co-Pilots receive up to 5 $FWB each month for their efforts. Contact KD (@kd#3038) if you’re interested in learning more about our membership programs.

Bring your creative ideas to life.

FWB regularly offers open calls for special opportunities like creative residencies, fellowships, and grants. We currently run the Event Keys program, creating city-specific experiences for the FWB community to come together locally, with an eye toward programming, building relationships, and strengthening local networks. Learn more in the Get Involved section of the Wiki and in the City Keys Discord forum.

Wallet Safety 101 🤑

It’s the wild west out there, here are some tips to keep you safe if you're new to crypto.

Common Scams + Hacks

  • False advertisements of an FWB airdrop over dm
  • Discord & twitter accounts impersonating our leaders within the discord
  • Discord & twitter accounts impersonating tools & using convincing phishing interfaces
  • Staff + mods getting targeted with DMs saying they'd been banned from a totally different server they were in. When the victim responds, the attackers play tech support and ask them to share their screen, where they're tricked into exposing an extremely sensitive discord token in their browser.
  • Phishing attacks that mirror the design of & metamask — tricking folks into revealing their seed phrase or private key
  • Connecting your wallet to an untrusted site

How to Avoid Getting Hacked

  • Do not reveal you seed phrase to anyone
  • Use a password managers & use generated passwords, change them regularly
  • Do not store your seed phrase anywhere in icloud
  • Keep multiple copies of your seed phrase stored offline in different places
  • Disconnect your wallet from the browser regularly
  • Turn off your DMs within the servers you’re apart of, require people you trust to friend request on discord first
  • If you have more than $1K in crypto assets, consider getting an offline hardware wallet
  • Use multiple hot wallets

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