Get Involved

There are many ways to contribute to FWB. In addition to participating in the Discord and IRL events, members have the opportunity to get involved with the DAO’s governance, weigh in on existing projects, spin up creative proposals for the DAO to vote on, and receive funding for community-approved projects.

Additionally, members and contributors who help steward the DAO’s ongoing initiatives and operations are compensated for their work. Funded opportunities arise in harmony with the group’s needs, and vary based on the DAO’s evolving priorities.

Browse through this section to find some of the currently available opportunities for FWB members…


FWB has paired with a number of established and emerging brands in a range of partnerships -- from our community-voted mate blend with Taika to a programming series with Hennessy. Our team is open to exploring a range of partnerships that work off of the DAOs strengths in cultural programming, editorial, within the app and at FWB fest. If you have an opportunity you'd like to chat to us about you can send the team an email at


FWB hosts a regular slate of URL and IRL events. Most of our digital events are hosted via the voice channels in our Discord server, with the occasional event on Zoom or Twitter Spaces. FWB activates IRL across the globe, through more formalized programming like FWB FEST and decentralized programming through our city keys program and casual meet ups.

Any member can propose an event for funding through an program like city keys, or can form a proposal to present to the community if they are seeking more funding. Through our location based channels channels, people often host more casual meet ups with other local members to gather at a coffee shop or try a new restaurant.

City Keys

Event Keys

The process for event keys was implemented in Season 6. Event Keys was born out of a need to further decentralize our IRL event programming and expand our reach beyond the diversity of events coming from our Cities subDAOs (formerly LA, New York, and London).

Event Keys create city-specific experiences for the FWB community to come together locally, with an eye toward programming, building relationships, and strengthening local networks. Part of the idea behind Event Keys is that they are accessible: they are not necessarily full-fledged exhibitions or parties that require exorbitant funding or a high demand run-of-show. Event keys are often more low-lift gatherings whose resources are the onus of the group to source. Think: direct-payable direct dinners, art crawls, picnics, film screenings, or food tours.

At the start of season 6, any FWB member was welcomed to submit an event key proposal in the format outlined in the Snapshot. The proposals were vetted then voted on by the entire community, with 10 event keys awarded for the season. Learn more in the #city-keys channel and via the source links below.

While Season 6 events are well underway, you can still apply here for a Lite Key for low-key events with a budget up to $250.

Event Keys Proposal

Event Keys Snapshot


Digital Events

Below is an overview on how to get involved in digital events. If you'd like to stay up to date on digital event offerings you can view this Google calendar and subscribe to it by clicking the '+' in the bottom right corner of your browser.

The Short Version

Digital Event Expectations:

If you are hosting a Digital Event, expectations are as follows:

  • Well thought out event that sounds professional and starts promptly. If the event is recurring, it should be reliable.
  • Share description/guests/topics minimum 48hrs before air time, and ideally by Wednesday at midnight the week prior so we can get it in tl;dr.
  • Strive for a minimum attendance of 2% of the active FWB community, and track event attendance. (This amounts to around 20 people in the audience)
  • Record and share recordings after the event if you want the event to be archived.
  • Engage with the editorial team and community for event promotion.

People showing up for live events is the best metric for success. You will report your real-time attendance, and we will have the data on how many people listen to the archived version of the show. We also of course encourage soliciting feedback on your event so you can improve for the next time :)

What To Do Before And After Each Event:

Before: You must submit this form at least 48 hours before your event, preferably by Thursday the week before your show so we can promote in tl;dr. This form includes date, time, location (which voice channel will you be on? Is it on main stage? Is it on zoom? Twitter spaces?), show description and a spot to upload art if you have any.

After: Submit this form after each event. This is where you report attendance and give us a link to your event recording if you want it to be archived. This form must be submitted within 24 hours of the event.

How to record

If you know how to record from discord using Krisp, OBS, Garageband or Soundflower, please feel free to do so. Here is a guide to using Krisp and here is a guide for OBS. You can always reach out to Zoe in the #digitalevents channel for help with recording but there is no guarantee that she will be free to record.

If you host your event on Zoom or Twitter Spaces, recording is easy peasy!

A Step-By-Step Guide

STEP 1: Lock in the details and get on the calendar

First, we need to get you on the schedule. We need a title, description of your event, location and a date/time at least 48 hours in advance. You can try to find a good time by taking a look at the FWB Events Calendar and finding an empty block of time. It is best to leave some buffer between each event to allow more folks to attend and avoid channel overlap. For locations, either tell us which discord voice channel you will be in, or include a zoom link or a twitter spaces link etc. Once you have all of the info, please fill out the FWB Digital Events - Calendar Info Form so that we can add the event to the events page, discord calendar and to the google calendar. You can also upload art or a flier here which adds some color to your post when it gets announced on the discord. (If you send along art, make sure it is less than 10 MB).

STEP 2: Plan your event

Events are best received when they are well thought out. Who are your guests? Do you want people to be able to participate in the conversation?

Do you want this event to be archived? If so, how are you going to record your event? Do you have guests who are not on the discord? If so, we will need to grant them access so we will need to know ahead of time.

STEP 3: Show Time

Make sure you have everything ready to go. Here are some things to think about:

  • Getting outside guests into the discord. You will need to send their discord handles to Derek or Raihan ahead of time. Give them at least 24 hours of warning and be sure to follow up with them an hour before your event so we aren’t scrambling at the last minute.
  • Recording your event. If you want your event to be archived, you are responsible for getting it recorded. If you know how to record from discord already, awesome! If not, you can use Krisp Audio or OBS to do so. We highly recommend trying this out early!! It isn't trivial and you don't want to be troubleshooting this real time. HINT: Recording on zoom is SUPER easy, and you get video! So this is not a bad option. Twitter Spaces also records for you so that is another easy solution. When you are done recording your event, save it as either an mp3 (audio) or mp4 (video). The file must be named like this: YYYYMMDD_Event Name.mp3 You will include a link to this file when you submit to the archive (Step 4).
  • Reporting real time attendance. You must give us a rough count of how many people attended your event in real time. It doesn’t need to be exact, but try to give us a ballpark number.
  • Sound Quality. This one is HUGE!! While discord chaos is charming, it can also get annoying. We recommend that you and your guests do your calls with headphones on to optimize your mic sounds and limit risk of echos and discord sounds. It is also great if you can turn off your discord notification sounds and silence any other notifications on your computer and your phone. Also, pay attention to your audience and mute them or ask them to mute if they are making a lot of noise. If you need someone to help server mute, you can reach out to anyone in the AV Club to help, but usually a polite call out will do the trick.

STEP 4: Submit to the archive and provide a post-event report.

When you are done with your event, fill out this form: FWB Digital Events - Post-Event Report and Archive Submission. This form has to be submitted within 24 hours of the event.

This is where you can tell us your attendance and give us your recording to upload to the archive. You can give us a more detailed description of the event to be attached to the entry in the archive, think podcast show notes. You can also upload art here if you hadn’t added it in time to make it on the calendar.


FWB uses a token-weighted voting system with no quorum. We use a decentralized voting system called Snapshot to vote on all proposals. View our archive of Snapshot votes.

Delegation is an option if token holders want to navigate to Snapshot and delegate their votes, however it is not time-boxed and is not part of a formal process.

Community members are able to submit proposals by first filling out a micro-proposal to the Governance Team who then prepares that proposal for #live-discussion. Proposals are in #live-discussion for a minimum of 5 days. Proposals are then moved from #live-discussion to Snapshot and then ultimately voted on (see the proposal section after this for more details).

Voting Topics

The Governance Team reviews proposals to ensure they are in alignment with FWB’s mission and values and the overall health of the DAO. Similarly, there is not a formal split as to which things go to Snapshot and which can be decided within Discord or another forum. Generally, our best practices are applied such that those items that have a meaningful impact to the DAOs resources (treasury, human capital, etc.) are taken to Snapshot vote.

Voting Timelines

While we do not have a set time for how long proposals must stay up on Snapshot, we typically require a minimum of 3 working days for any proposal, and often 7 full days.

Via our Governance Documentation

Putting up a Proposal

  1. Community led proposals start as an idea and are workshopped in whatever the way the proposer(s) want: alone, in the Discord, or with the proposal review committee.

  2. When the proposal is sufficiently coherent the proposer(s) will fill out the FWB Proposal Template.

  3. Contributors must make any conflict of interest (potential or possible) disclosures as necessary within the proposal.

  4. The proposal is shared with the Proposal Review Committee who will provide feedback and connect the proposer(s) with relevant FWB teams that may have feedback. The finance team is always included to review that the proposal’s budgetary impact has been accurately estimated.

  5. After this feedback is provided and the proposer(s) feel confident then the proposal is posted to #live-proposals where everyone is notified and public final feedback is provided. There is no set time it is up for, but we tend to have a best practice of at least 1 week.

  6. The proposer(s) adjusts their proposal as they want and the Proposal Review Committee will then post it to Snapshot for community vote and notify everyone.

Via our Governance Documentation

Channel Leads

As our community continues to grow, we realize our approach to Discord has to evolve with us. In early 2022 under our ‘Discord Maintenance’ proposal the role of a channel lead was created. We introduced member-led roles to drive more nuanced discussion in our key channel verticals: Creative, Trading, Lifestyle, Learning and NFTs.

Category leads are tasked with connecting people, stirring conversation, and coming up with benefits on a channel-specific basis. Initially, Category Leads were selected by the Membership team based on past channel activity, as well as by peer- and self-nomination to ensure it's a diverse and inclusive group. Overall, Category Leads will continue to work to make everyone feel welcome and included in the Discord by ensuring their designated channel offers clear, meaningful ways to participate. The proposal gives each category lead two seasons in their role, with the chance to renew within the nomination process the proposal indicates.

Discord Maintenance Proposal

Discord Maintenance Snapshot

Channel Lead Job Description


We use a tool called FairShare (FKA as Source Cred) to reward FWB members for their active participation in the Discord. The more you chat, react, and are mentioned by other members, the more $FWB you can earn. Currently the program rewards those who post in the Discord with the following weights, paid in FWB on a seasonal basis.

Sent Messages: 0.25

Mentions Received: 0.5

Reactions Received: 1

As the program evolves, we will be able to start collecting and incentivizing things such as: event attendance, voting participation and other on-chain activity.

Via #Get-Involved 7/7/22


TL;DR is the DAO's community-driven weekly roundup of what went down in the Discord. Anyone is welcome to contribute 1-4 blurbs of approximately 150 words each per month, recapping significant events and/or conversations from one of our many channels (we're also open to folks writing on other topics).

Writers receive $FWB tokens as compensation, splitting a pool of $FWB based on how much they contribute in any given month. No writing experience is necessary. Contact Drew (@tonyhawkprogolfer#0691) or drop a line in our Editorial Public Works Channel if you’d like to start writing for TL;DR.


FWB’s core team works across product, marketing, partnerships, membership, and strategy to move the DAO forward. When the core team identifies the need for additional roles, job descriptions are posted on the opportunities page. DAO members who apply for these roles are prioritized for interviews.

We offer competitive salaries for web3, and contributors can opt to be paid in $FWB tokens, USDC, or a combination of both.


FWB is a collective experiment for how Web3 tools can enable new ways of thinking and creating. Members should always feel empowered to propose projects, rally a squad, and make all kinds of things happen.

FWB Garage™, was our grant program implemented through a proposal in the spring of 2022. It created simpler rails for members to propose, fund, and produce a creative project that benefits the FWB community. For season six, Garage Grants distributed up to $50K worth of $FWB to get member-led projects off the ground. Read more about our Garage Grants program at the link, and discussions around 2022 grants can be found in the Garage Grants Public Works Channel here.