The FWB APP is a new playground for the community. It seeks to create a lightweight, engaging experience for FWB community members that connects them to one another beyond Discord. It creates a cohesive member experience by bringing together the different segments of the member journey. It is available to all members who hold 75+ $FWB tokens.


This high-level roadmap covers the work that the FWB Product Team is currently focused on for, in addition to general maintenance and bug-bashing.

Active ProjectsUpcoming Projects
Permissions and RolesChannels
In-App MessagingNotifications V2
Editable AvatarsVideo Posts
Native Gatekeeper Functionality
Native Governance Functionality
  • Permissions and Roles is a major upgrade to our back-end that creates opportunities for richer experiences inside of the app
  • In-app messaging will clear the way for users to DM one another natively instead of needing to coordinate on other platforms
  • Editable avatars, because sometimes you're just feeling like a bit of an update on how people perceive you, you know
  • Channels will create a new experience around the feed... think #tokyocityguide and #official and you're on the right track
  • Notifications V2 will allow for more granular, user-editable choices around what activity you get push notifications for
  • Video posts, because sometimes you have to show off a sick ollie or a particularly perfect espresso pull
  • Geotagging/Check-Ins are a module that will attach to posts... let the homies know where to meet you
  • Native Gatekeeper functionality will allow users to create, manage, and RSVP to events directly in the app
  • Native Governance functionality will allow users to create, manage, and vote on proposals directly in the app

Getting Started

  1. Go to the mint portal
  2. Click “Get Access”
  3. Connect your wallet
  4. Sign the transaction
  5. Connect to Discord
  6. Mint the NFT (this will cost some gas)
  7. Click the link and download the app from the App Store
  8. To sign in, connect your wallet
  9. Click on the link on the signin page
  10. Connect your wallet on mobile using Rainbow or Wallet Connect
  11. If you need help getting your wallet on mobile, here is how
  12. Sign the message
  13. You should see a code on the screen
  14. Enter that code on the signin page
  15. You’re in!

You can now start posting on the feed, check out events or peruse the directory.



The feed is used to share images and links with the community. You can like posts of other members by clicking on the heart.

How to share content

  1. To share a new image, click on the plus sign in the upper right corner.

  2. From the new page you can either take a picture with your camera or select one from your existing photos

  3. If you want to share a link, click on the link icon in the bottom right corner

  4. Paste your link in the field

  5. Remember to put the "https://" before the link


The tab tracks all FWB events in the future as well as your current RSVPs.

How to RSVP to an event

  1. Click on the event

  2. Follow the steps on the Gatekeeper link

How to check-in at an event

  1. When you are at an event, use the “Your RSVPs” to see your RSVP

  2. Click to display the QR code


Directory provides an index of all the members who are on the app. You can use the search bar to find members.


The governance tab allows you to see the upcoming votes in the community, as well as the previous votes and their results. Click on a vote to participate. (You’ll be redirected to the Snapshot website.)


If you find any bug or issue in the app, drop a message in the product-issue-bot channel. For any other questions, contact



1. How long do the posts stay on the platform? The posts are not permanent. The feed has a maximum number of posts and the posts are removed from the feed on a first-in first-out basis.


1. How can I create an event? You can create an event by connecting to Gatekeeper on Events created by community members for FWB holders will appear on the event feed.

2. I RSVP’ed for an event, but I do not see it on the app. Where is it? To see your RSVP’s go on the “My RSVPs” tab. If the RSVP is not there, ensure you’ve properly signed up for the event by doing it again.

3. Can I transfer my ticket to someone else? You cannot transfer your ticket to another person as it is linked to your specific wallet.


1. I was a member in X season, how can I get the sticker for that season? If you are missing a season sticker, first make sure your join date (at the top of your profile) matches the season you are missing, if that is the case, drop a ticket in the product-issue-bot channel.

2. Can I request the creation of a sticker? The form for the sticker creation process is open once a season, be on the lookout for it in the public-works channel.