The FWB App will serve as a traversable on-chain identity that enables our members to connect, grow, and move fluidly across the Web3 ecosystem. Members will be able to search and engage with other members based on shared communities, indexed skills, and past IRL events they’ve attended. At the heart of the FWB App is your ID, a unique non-transferable NFT that is minted upon your membership initiation.

Each profile will be composed of

  • A unique NFT membership card
  • Unique profile URL
  • Members can include their wallet address to their profiles
  • A status can be chosen and edited
  • Links such as social media, portfolios, GitHub, Mirror, etc can be included
  • An interest selection list
  • Top Friends 🙂
  • Community statistics: a member’s latest votes, or lack thereof
  • Stickers, for the card


In late August 2021, we conducted a survey of over 200 FWB members and found that the majority of them wanted to do three things:

  1. Forms new relationships, both professional or friendly
  2. Meet new members based on shared interests, affinities, or skills
  3. Finally, find collaborators for new projects

This knowledge fundamentally informed the design the app. There was a fatal flaw in Discord which hindered the ability of community members to get to know each other, Discord was not made for connecting new friends or forming friendships. It lacked any richness in the details it provides about other members of a server. We built Directory as a layer of identity on Discord which would help our members get to know one another.

Sources: Member App About Page 2022 Product Roadmap

Member App


Gatekeeper allows you to create token-enabled physical experiences by providing a complete set of solutions to create events and manage attendance against a set of token-based criteria.

You can use a single token or combination of tokens to set up an event page, invite friends, and confirm who's coming. Gatekeeper handles the rest: it validates each RSVP to ensure it matches your criteria, and provides a portable and accessible interface to manage the attendees at the door on the day of your event.

Up to date documentation on Gatekeeper can be found here, with info on what it supports and how to implement it for your needs.