Below is an overview of our contributor processes manual. You can view the full manual here for additional processes.

Organizational Structure

  • Marketing
  • Treasury
  • Governance
  • Partnerships
  • Product
  • Operations
  • Events
  • Brand
  • Membership
  • Mayor
  • Strategy*

Org Chart

Organizational Chart

Team Descriptions


The Events team is responsible for facilitating the creation and proliferation of FWB official events. From initiatives as large as FWB FEST to local city meetups, the FWB Events team is both directly responsible for hosting, booking, and executing FWB aligned IRL experiences as well as setting up the frameworks for community-led event hosting through its Event Keys initiative.

As of July 16th, 2022, FWB has hosted over 100+ events in over 23 cities in 6 countries, ranging from flagship parties during conference weeks to local city oriented hikes, art tours, dinners.


The Membership team is responsible for overall management and health of what it means to be an FWB member. From driving benefits to improving the Discord experience, the FWB Membership team is broken into Host Committee, Co-Pilots, and Ticket-Support.

Host Committee is a group of 20-30 community members who review FWB member applications to ensure incoming members are aligned with FWB’s values.

Communications & Marketing

The Communications & Marketing team is responsible for how various FWB initiatives are communicated to the community itself, as well as to the outside world. Communications channels range from Discord, Email to Social Media including Instagram and Twitter. Additionally, this team works alongside various work streams to ensure their projects and initiatives are amplified and contextualized to the outside world through Press and Partnerships.

Treasury & Finance

The Treasury and Finance team work closely together to manage a P&L and budget that is shared with the community on a quarterly basis for approval, as well as overall FWB economic strategy ranging from token design and liquidity design.

Here is an example of FWB’s financial summary for Q1, 2022 that was shared with the community.


The partnerships team is responsible for working with the community to evaluate incoming opportunities that either a) drive benefits, opportunities, and value to the FWB community or b) drive revenue and value to the FWB treasury through a values aligned partnership.

Recent partnerships include OpenSea, Taika, and Hennessy.


The product team is responsible for building software products and tools that drive value to the FWB ecosystem. A core premise of the product team has always been to build technological infrastructure that first supports the FWB community, and if successful, evolve and share with broader Web3 social communities. Additionally, the FWB product team builds and maintains infrastructure that allows the FWB community to operate ranging from web properties like events calendar and site to Discord bots, tooling, and gating.

Products include Gatekeeper, FairShare, FWB Events, FWB Member Directory (Coming Soon)

Recent FWB Product Roadmap.


The Operations team is responsible for how the FWB DAO operates from Legal, Payroll, Organizational Operations, HR, Governance, and internal processes.


Strategy Calls is composed of 1 team lead that serves as a representative of their respective team. Teams nominate one Team Lead to represent their Team in the Strategy Meeting for the duration of (X) Season with the ability to renew based on that individual team.

Strategy group to distribute minutes and agenda with notes and decisions made to the community, in #public-works channel.

Role Descriptions

Here is the most current version of full-time and part-time contributors role description, day-to-day responsibilities, and previous/background experience.

There are two types of Contributor roles; Ratified Roles and Elected Roles.

  • Ratified Roles are roles or departments that have been voted on and approved by the DAO but go through the standard hiring process for the DAO.
  • Elected Roles are roles that have been created via the proposal process where individuals are selected by the community in an election. Elected roles are designed to be time bound and will vary based upon the nature of the role and proposal.

Contributor Types

Full-Time Contributors

  • Must apply for open roles at FWB
  • Receive a formal contributor agreement outline their role objectives and day-to-day responsibilities
  • Work at least 35 hours/week in a recurring role for FWB
  • Receive a Team role on Discord
  • Receive an FWB email
  • Paid bi-monthly
  • Receive benefits when available
  • Will join team calls and team meetings
  • In a recurring role within the DAO

Part-Time Contributors

  • Must apply for open roles at FWB
  • Receive a formal contributor agreement outline their role objectives and day-to-day responsibilities
  • Work at least 10 hours/week in a recurring role for FWB
  • Receive a Team role on Discord
  • Receive an FWB email
  • Paid bi-monthly
  • Receive benefits when available
  • Will join team calls and team meetings
  • In a recurring role within the DAO

Elected Roles (Individuals)

  • Elected roles are time bound roles that are typically created as the result of a proposal.
  • Those interested in elected roles must make their case to the community as to why they should be considered for the role.
  • The scope of the role and compensation is defined by the proposal.
  • Further assessment on which current full time roles will shift to Elected positions are in discussion and will be reviewed by the community.

Non-Recurring Contributors

  • Apply for or appointed to for temporary, fluid, or one-off positions at FWB
  • Receive a non-recurring contributor agreement outlining scope of work and start/end date where applicable
  • May receive an responsibility specific role on Discord
  • Paid monthly after submitting payment requests via Utopia
  • Does not receive FWB email address
  • Does not join broader team calls and meetings unless invited

Compensation & Pay Band Rubric

Candidates offered roles must be compensated in accordance with the FWB Contributor Compensation Band Rubric.

Contributors may choose which currency they’d like to receive compensation in, either $FWB or $USDC.

  • For full-time contributors, additional $FWB token compensation under a vesting schedule is granted from a Founder wallet, and not the FWB Treasury.
  • A contributor token compensation rubric is being established to standardize token compensation across Core Contributor roles.

The Team Lead responsible for candidate & Operations Team evaluates appropriate compensation for new hires based on the role’s listed skill band range, the interview process, and work experience of the new hire.

  • Additionally, once per year in January individual FT/PT contributors will be assessed to determine if the skill band they are currently assigned to is appropriate.
  • The contributor’s compensation will be reassessed through a peer review process by their peer workstream, as well as relevant members of the Operations Team that interact with the contributor.

The Comp Band Rubric will be evaluated once per year, in January, to ensure the DAO compensates its FT/PT Contributors competitively based on other competitive standards. This means pay bands may increase or decrease based on market rates.

New Team Formation

  • The creation of new teams are put to a DAO wide snapshot vote by the proposed Team Lead with an explanation for the necessity of the team, how it will contribute to both the FWB community and utility for the $FWB token, a set of initial KPIs, and an estimated budget for contributor costs for at minimum a Season’s length.
  • Existing team leads should support the identification and peer-led onboarding of a Team Lead, although it is not always necessary. Intention is that Team Leads will need to collaborate and some level of peer-level buy-in will lead to more effective collaboration.

Budget Process

The budget will be presented to the community via discussion and Snapshot vote on a seasonal basis.

Team Leads will work with our Finance team to prepare an estimated budget including recurring salaries, non-recurring contributor expenses, and other operational expenses approximately one month before the launch of a new season.

The aim is for the DAO to project these costs as accurately as possible to be able to assess the financial health of the organization and recommend course correction where necessary.

Teams that exceed their approved budget by 7% for:

  • 1 season: Required to provide a detailed account of the overages and recommendations for staying within budget for following seasons
  • 2+ seasons over full year period: Required to shift to a monthly budgeting cadence with the supervision of the Finance Lead.

Role Posting & Candidate Sourcing

  • All team hiring must be publicly posted a minimum of 7 days in advance of hiring on the FWB website and any job boards to ensure an adequate pool of internal and external candidates has been captured. Posting will also be notified on Discord through the relevant #public-works channel.
  • All open role postings must be accompanied by a role description, set of responsibilities, associated team, and projected skill band range in accordance with the FWB Comp Band Rubric.
  • If there is an internal transfer, no public posting is needed.

Interview & Hiring Process

  • Team Leads have the general autonomy to determine the right fit for open roles within their team. However, each candidate must be interviewed by at least (2) contributors who have contributed to FWB for at least (1) Season.
  • Any full time candidate who qualifies as an L4 or L5 contributor must be interviewed by at least (2) full-time Team Leads who have contributed to FWB for at least (1) Season.
  • Any candidate that is a relative, partner, or spouse of an existing team member must disclose that relationship to the hiring manager.
  • Once a candidate is approved and the FWB Operations Team shares an offer letter, that role must be: (a) Removed from FWB’s job board (b) Publicized in FWB’s Organizational Chart, FWB’s Wiki (Coming SoonTM), and FWB’s #contributors channel in #public-works.

Peer Review Procedures

Peer reviews and self-evaluations serve as an opportunity for teams to:

  • Reflect on and assess collective and individual performance.
  • Relay feedback to contributors in a constructive way.

The Operations Team will prepare a Seasonal survey template to be used by each team for a self-evaluation and peer-evaluation with guidelines for appropriate forms of constructive feedback. The survey will have a 1-2 week turnaround time to ensure adequate time for clarification and completion.

  • The survey will offer short and long response opportunities for feedback as well as the option to indicate whether or not you have enough information/visibility into a peer's work to disclose feedback.
  • Contributors must disclose their identity for self-evaluation but will have the option to remain anonymous for peer reviews.

Team Leads will also have the opportunity to perform a peer evaluation and provide feedback on Strategy Call for other Team Leads.